The contradictions of Brexit and a choice for conservatism
Richard Reeves On Struggling Men And BoysHe has a new book about the complexities of success and failure between the sexes in a rapidly changing society.
Readers dissent and assent over "the nebulous nihilism of transgenderism."
The post-liberal feminist has a new polemic against casual sex, porn, BDSM, dating apps and prostitution.
For contest #345, we find ourselves in a beautiful imperial city with a destructive past.
Or dolphins. Looking at the nebulous nihilism of transgenderism.
Our episode with Louise Perry stirred up a lot of dissent and other commentary from listeners, including Rod Dreher. I reply at length.
Christopher Hitchens On Religion And TerrorismA late-night, booze-fueled debate we had at his flat 15 years ago.
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