The extremes of right and left on immigration are fueling each other.
For contest #329, our champion had a special connection to this city during Covid.
David French On Religious Liberty, CRT, GraceHe's a political writer and former attorney who took on high-profile cases for religious liberty. He was also a major in the Army Reserve who served in…
The famed crusader dives deep into the issue with me. I found it difficult to disagree with him.
For contest #328, you've probably seen this place, even if you've never been.
The curious case of Bill Kristol's ideological transformation
Dozens of readers dissent over my piece on the SCOTUS leak and discuss the issue of abortion more generally.
Tina Brown On The Royal FamilyShe needs no introduction — but in magazine history, Tina Brown is rightly deemed a legend, reviving Tatler, Vanity Fair and The New Yorker, before…
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