Great conversation. I read "How to Change Your Mind" last year and ordered "This is Your Mind on Plants" while I was listening.

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Andrew is unable to confront it, but a major and obvious problem with his recent writing is that (to use his framing device) in tone and credibility his rhetoric sounds much more like the Rev. Jeremiah Wright than President Obama. That’s his choice, and he can fix it.

As to CRT and for “Quotes of the Week,” I recommend this quote from author Kiese Laymon from a Vox interview:

"One of the things that all this talk about revision makes me consider is, Republicans seem to understand this almost better than Democrats do. They’re the ones who are out here talking about critical race theory, and using that as the boogeyman to criminalize Blackness and to criminalize anti-racism. They understand the threat of anti-racism. And they want to get after this threat. And meanwhile, we’re sitting here trying to say, 'Well, no, let us explain critical race theory to you.'"



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